Chap. 1
Do you feel you are living a full life?? What would you consider the definition of a "Full Life"? Often I have heard as goals for life- "Fame, wealth, happiness." That's it?? We all know of those who achieved all of these yet expressed how incomplete they felt inside. George Eastman overcame financial adversity and by his mid 20's was a successful entrepreneur. He directed his Eastman Kodak Co. to the forefront of American industry and was known for his philanthropy. Yet, when he committed suicide - Mar. 14, 1932, he left a note -- "My work is done..why wait??"
Why wait? Our work is not done in this life regardless of age and sickness.. I have known many who in their 90's were cheering up hospital staff as they would contact them. The reason many give up and turn to suicide is because of depression and the
feeling that their lives are going nowhere. I grew up in the aftermath of the Depression and my own father worked on the
WPA which the government offered those out of work. Often men would be singing as they worked-happy to have a job.
But some began to realize that their jobs seemed meaningless... building roads that led to nowhere. It's hard to keep
singing when you feel your life is going nowhere.
We can have the attitude of the little boy in cartoons who hated school. The teacher asked him what he wanted out of school. He answered... "Me!" There are those who say the same thing about life... They say, "I just want out... maybe suicide." As for me, I felt that coming from the poor part of town branded me. I certainly could not see a 'full life' ahead for me. My life was changed when a friend died from an accidental gunshot wound. As a 14 year old, it was hard to grasp how my friend was now gone.
It made me wonder, what is it all about??
We Believe It Is Possible For Anyone To Have A Full Life
No matter how empty you may be
There are 3 essentials for anyone who desires a "Full, complete life." These are available to anyone regardless of your past disappointments and limitations.
Learn about these 3 vitally important things that will be elaborated on in this eBook... Learn how to implement them in YOUR life!
Suicidal thoughts?
Loss of health?
"How to Have a Full Life" has your answers!
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