The Barnabas Ministry is an outreach created by J.P. McCamey that focuses on helping others.

"The purpose of the Barnabas Ministry is to lift up Jesus Christ as Savior and to encourage the discouraged, depressed, and defeated. I feel God has laid upon my heart the ministry of encouragement - as Barnabas.

So many ministers and laity alike are discouraged due to setbacks, failures, heartaches, and pressures. There is a real need to encourage one another. I know God has called me to do this.

I wish not only to see the lost brought to the Lord, others healed and filled, but to encourage every one I can."

-- J.P. McCamey
Our outreach is called "Barnabas Ministry." The name of Barnabas has a meaning of encouraging others. This has been the basis for my ministry of some 40 years of pastoring and 21 years as an evangelist. I have tried through all these years to help and encourage thousands facing various problems. I'd like to help and encourage YOU! Contact for any questions or information needed.