Evangelist McCamey was called into the ministry at age 15 at Waco, Texas where he was born and raised. He began preaching at age 17 and was volunteer youth pastor for some 5 years.

He attended Baylor Univ. in Waco, Texas. He married Elsie Kirkland in 1952. She passed away in 2002. Their children live in the Indianapolis area. (Debbie Edgeworth, Alan and Jerry McCamey) He has 11 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren.

Evangelist J.P. McCamey married Merrily Collins in 2004 and they are now living in Great Bend, KS.

He was a senior pastor for 33 years in Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. He pastored 18 years at Great Bend, KS where the church underwent 4 building programs. He was involved in a local TV ministry for 17 years. Since his resignation from Great Bend in 1991, he has served as an evangelist 21 averaging ministry in 45 churches each year. He has had over 100 published magazine articles.
Our outreach is called "Barnabas Ministry." The name of Barnabas has a meaning of encouraging others. This has been the basis for my ministry of some 40 years of pastoring and 21 years as an evangelist. I have tried through all these years to help and encourage thousands facing various problems. I'd like to help and encourage YOU! Contact jpmccamey@msn.com for any questions or information needed.